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Access to Clinical, Evidence-Based, and Specialized Trainings

  • Mindful Schools K-12 Curriculum

  • HIPAA and FERPA Mandates

  • Psychological First-Aid 

  • Motivational Interviewing 

  • Cognitive Processing Therapy 

  • AFIRM-Applied Behavioral Analysis Trainings 

  • Social-Emotional Learning

Mentorship through Both Individual and Group Clinical Supervision

  • Clinical guidance and shadowing from professional social workers

  • Group supervision with fellow student interns 

  • Individual mentorship from a licensed social worker

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Build Professional Relationships and Network

TRRE_benefits icons_white.png
  • Meaningful professional experience 

  • Advanced skill-sets 

  • Strong competency

  • Supportive networks

Implementation/Practice of theoretical frameworks, constructs and skills

  • Intentional interaction with other professionals, agencies, educators, parents, families, and K-12 clients/students

  • Clinical experience by applying learned content in the field 

  • Guidance and support from clinical supervisor

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Access to RAMHP Program Perks

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  • Monthly stipend $200 

  • Training and experience in educationally-related mental health practices 

  • Professional development trainings 

  • Mental Wellness Triage stakeholder meetings

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